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Please note that, due to unforeseen circumstances, all debts have been referred to Gladstones Solicitors. Don’t worry, and please allow up to 30 days for Gladstones to contact you. For any urgent enquiries please contact HX Car Park Management.

Debt Recovery Agency


What is a Debt Recovery Agency? 

A debt recovery agency is a third-party company that is recruited to help recover a debt. We are a form of credit control, with the knowledge needed to help recover money from non-paying debtors. A debt recovery agency is there to help businesses with their cash flow and also overcome delaying tactics. We can also act as a mediator to resolve any objections. 

Some debt recovery agencies specialize in specific debt types such as commercial, business to business debts, collection of rent, unpaid parking charges and credit card debts. Whatever service is offered, a Recovery Agency aims to resolve issues preventing the creditor receiving repayment. 

ADR-Legal specialise in the recovery of unpaid Parking Charges for nationwide private car park management companies. We attempt to recover debts for each client using a range of successful strategiesWe use the latest technology and intelligent systems along with streamlined data checks to get the best results possible for our clients. 

Why use a Debt Recovery Agency 

Debt Recovery Agencies have the expertise and resources to recover debt on your behalf. At ADR-Legal, we also have in-house solicitors who can take the legal steps and advise with their extensive experience. 

Many businesses see Debt Recovery Agencies as a last resort but we can be used much sooner than people may think, saving time and effort from the creditor. Debts can sometimes be difficult to address and can often become complicated and meaning all the more reason to use a third party to resolve the matter. 

What to look out for when choosing a Recovery Agency to recover debt for you  

Not all debts require the same regulation. However, if your debt is classed as a “consumer debt”, you will need to check for certain licences. Consumer debt consists of personal debts that are owed as a result of purchasing goods used for individual or household consumption. Examples of consumer debt are credit card debts and payday loans. The license required by law to collect consumer debts is to be certified by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).  

The FCA is an independent body aiming to protect the integrity of the financial industry, promote competition in the interest of consumers and appropriately protect consumers. To find out if an agency is certified, you can search the FCA register online. If an agency is not on this register and claims to handle consumer debt, it is advised to avoid and report to the FCA. 

The recovery of non-consumer debt does not require a licence. As we specialise in the recovery of Parking Charge debts, we are Accredited Service Provider Members of the International Parking Community (IPC). The IPC set best practice guidelines for settling cases where people have failed to pay their parking charge notice. Their code of practice must be adhered to and all members are annually audited to ensure cooperation. 


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