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Please note that, due to unforeseen circumstances, all debts have been referred to Gladstones Solicitors. Don’t worry, and please allow up to 30 days for Gladstones to contact you. For any urgent enquiries please contact HX Car Park Management.

Why early engagement is key when seeking help for debt

It’s no lie that the past 12 months have placed a remarkable strain on household and business finances alike. Many charities such as StepChange and National Debtline have made a huge difference to those who have built up debt, using their platforms to educate and promote the importance of seeking help when it's needed.

ADR-Legal Aim to Bust Myths

At ADR-Legal we believe that it is imperative to build strong financial literacy and awareness and promote access to the free debt advice available. We also believe that many myths still surround debt collection agencies and the process which in turn can be the reason many people do not seek the help they need within the early stages. The persistent misconception about what happens if borrowers, when they fall into arrears or default, can cause unnerving amounts of anxiety that can essentially be prevented. The perception of debt collection agencies does not reflect the reality of how they operate.

CSA Code of Practice

ADR-Legal adheres to a Code of Practice set out by the Credit Service Association (CSA), which ensures that high standards and responsible recovery strategies are implemented within our processes.  As the voice of the collections industry, Credit Service Association’s vision is to build confidence in debt collection by making the entire process clear, easy to understand, and less stressful for all those involved. 

Early Engagement is Key

Early engagement is vital to prevent further issues from arising and is the most important step to take when it comes to resolving any form of debt. If a debtor speaks with a creditor or collections agency, it is highly likely that an affordable repayment plan that is tailored to an assessment of an individual’s income and expenditure can be arranged. The issue can then be resolved to mutual satisfaction. But if that conversation does not occur, or the efforts to make contact are ignored, then those seeking to collect debt will be unaware of that person’s circumstances and the individual’s concern could well continue for longer than needed. Sharing the issues between all parties is most often the best route to resolution.

At ADR-Legal, we believe that early engagement between the debtor and creditors/collections agency is a message that should be at the forefront of the industry. The misconceptions around debt collection agencies are outdated and should be left behind and replaced with the message that we are here to help, now more than ever.

For more information on where to find free debt advice please see our FAQ’s page here.

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