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Please note that, due to unforeseen circumstances, all debts have been referred to Gladstones Solicitors. Don’t worry, and please allow up to 30 days for Gladstones to contact you. For any urgent enquiries please contact HX Car Park Management.


Here you will find our most frequently asked questions. Please read all information thoroughly in order to obtain the support and advice you need.
It is estimated that 8.3 million UK adults are currently over indebted. If you have been contacted by ADR-Legal or any other debt recovery company then you are not alone and there are many organisations you can use for free help and advice.

Debtor FAQs

We have been instructed by our client to collect money owed to them through unpaid Parking Charge(s).  

Please be aware that the debt in question may be debt that is old or debt that has accumulated on a previous vehicle, account or business name.  

In 2015, the UK Supreme Court ruled that PCNs are enforceable on private land. A copy of the established ruling (ParkingEye v Beavis) can be found here.

PCNs (Parking Charge Notices) issued on private land are issued under the Law of Trespass or Contract Law, with the majority of PCNs issued under Contract Law. Motorists who choose to drive their vehicles onto private land have the responsibility to check whether they are allowed to park there, and must ascertain the requirements if they do so. The terms and conditions must be displayed before a PCN may be issued and the motorist must make sure they comply with these terms and conditions at all times. When a motorist is in breach of the said terms and conditions this is when a PCN is issued. These charges may then be pursued by the landowner or parking company through civil proceedings. 

Correspondence will have been sent to the Registered Keeper of the vehicle after the Parking Charge was issued. The Registered Keepers address is provided to the creditor (the parking operator) by the DVLA.  If you have moved house and forgotten to notify the DVLA of your change of address, this may be why you have not received correspondence.  However, the parking operator cannot be held responsible for this as they have taken all reasonable steps to bring this matter to your attention. 

We obtain contact numbers either from our client, the parking operator, or through a trace. We send SMS reminders in order to give you as many opportunities as possible to contact us prior to recommending litigation to our client. If you don’t want to be contacted via SMS, reply “STOP” to the message.

The standard avenue to appeal this charge was stated on the original Parking Charge Notice and further letters sent from the parking company who originally issued the PCN. Unfortunately, this avenue has now expired as the PCN is debt recovery stage. 

We advise you to contact us as soon as possible to discuss your options with our helpful and friendly team on 0161 4140045

All correspondence from the parking operator will have informed the Registered Keeper that in order to transfer liability of the charge, they must provide the full and serviceable name and address of the driver at the time of the PCN being issued. If no alternative driver was nominated within 28 days (from the day after the date on which the initial Parking Charge Notice letter being sent) then the registered keeper is deemed to be the correct driver and will be pursued for payment.** 

The original amount of the PCN was £100, discounted to £60 if paid within 14 days of the Notice. This was clearly outlined in all correspondence sent from the parking operator. 

As no payment has been made and the parking operator has had no choice but to instruct us to recover the debt, enforcement charges have now been incurred. 

We understand that dealing with debt can feel overwhelming and distressing. Our highly trained staff can help resolve the matter quickly and sympathetically, please call 0161 4140045 to discuss your options with our helpful advisors. 

If the debt remains unpaid then our clients have the right to use several other methods such as obtaining County Court Judgements (CCJs)  against non-paying motorists through the County Court (England) or the Sheriffs Court (Scotland). 

A CCJ is a Court Order issued for non-payment of debt. If the CCJ is not paid it can seriously affect the credit rating of the individual it is issued against and their ability to obtain credit, such as mortgages, mobile phone contracts, car finance and credit cards and for 6 years. 

Failing to make the CCJ payment can lead to several enforcements being taken such as the use of Bailiffs, Charging Orders where the debt is secured against property, Attachment of Earnings Order which instructs an employer to deduct the debt directly from an employee's wage, or a Third-Party Debt Order which is by obtaining payment from a third party that owes money to the debtor. 

Please read our privacy policy for information on our lawful use of data under the General Data Protection Act 2018. If you requie more information regarding your data, please contact our Data Protection Officer via our online contact form here.


If you are dissatisfied with our services then please send your complaint to the following address; 

ADR-Legal, Suite 216, 275 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 4EL 

We aim to deal with all complaints within 28 days of receipt.

You can find more information on our Complaints Policy here

You can access any of the following debt advice services for free: 

Citizens Advice Bureau – – 0344 411 1444 

Civil Legal Advice – - 0345 345 4345 

StepChange – – 0800 1238 1111 

National Debtline – – 0808 808 4000 

Advice UK – - 0300 777 0107 

Christans Against Poverty – - 0800 328 0006 

** This information relates to Parking Charges issued in accordance with the Protection of Freedoms Act 2021 (PoFA). If your parking charge was not issued under the Protection of Freedoms Act then there may be an opportunity to transfer the liability, please call our friendly team for advice. 

Creditor FAQs

There is no minimum instruction required.

We currently only recover debt accumulated from Parking Charges.

Yes, we can recover debt from Parking Charges that are up to 6 years old.

If the case is settled at debt recovery stage then we expect this to happen within a 1 to 6 month time frame.

To prevent any further dispute, it is essential that the debtor is re-directed to ADR-Legal to deal with the case on your behalf.

Our clients receive monthly reports from dedicated Account Managers which will include information on all settled cases. If you would like an update on a specific case then your Account Manager can be contacted at any time.

As our client, you will be issued monthly reports on all cases we take on. Your dedicated Account Manager will be available to discuss cases and their progress throughout.

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